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    • The LY68L6400 is a 64M-bit serial pseudo SRAM device organized as 8Mx8 bits. It is fabricated using very high performance, high reliability CMOS technology.

    • The LY68L6400 is accessed via a simple Serial Peripheral Interface(SPI) compatible serial bus. Additionally, Quad Peripheral Interface(QPI) is supported if your application needs faster data rates. This device also supports unlimited reads and writes to the memory array.

    • The LY68L6400 operates from a single power supply of 3.3V and can offer high data bandwidth at 100MHz clock rate and Serial Quad interface.

    • The LY68L6400 offers 8-lead SOP package

Số lượng
Số lượng: 31 Con


  •  SPI compatible bus interface

  • - Clock rate: 33MHz(max) for normal read 100MHz(max) for fast read

  • - Mode: SPI/QPI

  •  Low power consumption:

  • Operating current:

  • 30mA(MAX./SPI@33MHz)

  • 60mA(MAX./QPI@100MHz)

  •  Single 3.3V power supply

  •  Unlimited read/write cycle

  •  Fast write time as minimum cycle time

  •  8M x 8-bit organization -1K byte per page

  •  High Reliability

  •  Green package available

  •  Package : 8-pin 150 mil SOP

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